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Board on the Bayou '08

image:  Pro wakeboarder, Collin Harrington testing his rail on Bayou TexarFor the first time in many years, Bayou Texar saw a crowd of wakeboarders and wakeskaters out to prove their prowess. Thanks to Graham Northup and his band of merry sponsors, bayou lovers had a great reason to get out and celebrate to some quality competition.

Red Bull, Innerlight Surf Shop, Urth WakeSkates, Deep South Clothing, and Ozone Pizza Pub supported the effort and made sure the crowds were stoked. Since I know Graham and the rest of the B.T. Ryderz pretty well, I know this won't be the last we hear from them. Strap on your bindings...or even wakeskate shoes 'cause it's just getting started. But for now, and as always...enjoy the photos!!

Not a typo...we mean "Skat"!

video by Graham Wade

"I wanna ride..." says Dumbacher. The familiar cry for "my turn to ride" from your boatmates is nothing new, but these dudes are bringing a rarely seen approach to wake riding. Enjoy Mikey Peyton, Graham Wade, J. Dumb, Luke, and Jon as they skat and hack across Santa Rosa Sound.

Lightin' it up one evening on the dock...

image:  Crackman Fullock out of the darkness, into the light Nothing much to say on this one...the pics should tell the story pretty well.

Lots of lights, cameras, and action! Check out the recent pics of gettin' lit and gettin' crafty.

RLAND: A "Must See" in the making

image: RLAND the filmWe always love to see independant efforts from local bros. RLAND is one such effort that is well worth your attention. Pensacola transplant, Bryan Soderlind [now in Orlando] and his band of boarding bros have created a collection of amazing images in the recent years. His most current project is an amazing 16mm film projects that takes a close look at the pioneers of the wakeskate world.

Check out the RLAND website, watch the trailer, and get ready to add this "must see" to your video collection!

These dudes are flippin' nuts!

image: Graham Northup with a pretty kickflip'Bout damned time for an update right...we know, we know. We heard the shouts and are puttin' down some serious tricks to prove that we still got it. More is definitely on the way, but for now...enjoy the pictures!

image: Joey Northup throws a big, fat shuv-itA new look at an old spot...

While we've taken many a shot on Bayou Texar we recently caught up with a couple of bros that learned to crawl, walk, and now sk8 on this beloved body of water...but we did find some new approaches to capturing the action. View the pictures.

image: Crack and J. Dog sizing up the barricade on the Bayou TexarWinter's in FL?!'ll have to find something else to bitch about. Twelve months after the year started and we're still rolling in warm water wearing shorts. Even in the panhandle, you can ride all year just gotta be a little more selective.

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