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I'll never figure this place out!

image: Ben Long perfectly poised in a racely Gulf Coast barrelHow does the Gulf Coast go from flat to double overhead+ in one day, deliver the best day of the year the next, then be small and crummy the morning after? I'm with you...who cares as long as you got to catch it! Thursday, January 17, 2008 was truly an incredible day of surf for any stretch of beach anywhere; it just happened to occur on the Gulf Coast. With way overhead crushing barrels at some spots and lines that seemed to go on forever at others there were tired arms and smiling faces everywhere you looked.

Hope you got some, but if not we've got some photographic evidence to prove that it did exist. Enjoy the galleries from both the water and land.

SideStream's coverage of the 2008 SI Pro...

image: the O'neill Sebastian Inlet Pro contest site from the waterWe know there are a lot of eager beavers out there just foaming...not 'cause of rabies, but because they are hungry to see the photographic coverage of the biggest professional surfing event on the eastern seaboard. Well be patient beavers, we are working on putting together the premium shots in a new and different way for you to enjoy. We'll keep you posted and we promise not to take too long makin' it happen.

Stay Stoked!

Island Style

image: Ben Long walkin' the plank over crystal clear Gulf watersOccaisionally we get some of the most beautiful waves and conditions you'd expect to see in your favorite tropical island locales...only on a smaller scale. That's okay 'cause we'll take it and run with it...all the way to the nose. Longboards and shortboards both had no trouble getting some of the most memorable waves of the summer. Check out the gallery and enjoy the memories...

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