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Who doesn't like leftovers?!

video by Graham Wade

Mikey Fazio, Mikey Peyton, Dumbacher, and Graham Wade sure do. Nothing like a skim session to make 'em that much more enticing!

We want more SKIM!!

Well we hear ya' and we want more skim, too. That's why we're gonna be fattening up the Skim section this Spring. We're looking from some quality action and as soon as we find the secret spots we'll tease you with 'em. Here's a few photos of some recent skimboarding efforts...

If you and your bro kill it on the skimboards and wanna get some coverage give me a shout...otherwise, keep an eye out for some more action!

Panhandle skimmer's not so 'Secret Spot'

Though the Gulf Coast lacks some of the rich features and powerful long-range swells of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, from time to time some of our favorite little 'secret spots' (as we like to imagine) come alive. This time we're not talking about the Florida, this spot belongs to Alabama and boy should they be proud.

image: nice little line in the PassLocal Pensacola Beach skimmers packed up and made the drive to the end of the rainbow and claimed their little pot of gold. Luckily for us they took a few pics and made them available to Side Stream visitors.

photos by Seth McPhail

image: cover and linkAlthough you may have know about this grass roots class act from their beginnings in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida...but I just found out about their efforts and it made me want to help spread the word.

As any good boarding mag should, these guys have captured the stoke of skimboarding through killer photos, solid content, and clean layout. Check out their all-skimboarding site to get fired up before your next session.

Skim photos from the Site Stream Vaults

image: skim gone wild on a backside slashEnjoy our skimboarding pictures from various sessions and crews over the last couple years. With the addition of a Skimboarding section of we are stoked to announce that our cameras will be blazin' to catch as much skim action as we can.

Here's a quick '4 Rides' on video for you, too.

Thanks, enjoy the site, and most importantly...Stay Stoked!

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