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Remember to Live a Little!

image: Camp fire on Sassafrass Hill, Pine Mountain Trail, Georgia

There are few things that remind us about the basics of living...camping in the backcountry seems to reside near the top of the list and is much more pleasant that a near-death experience.

Pine Mountain Trail in Georgia is one of the best gems in the deep Deep South for getting out and about anytime of year. The simplicity and beauty has been skillfully preserved by Franklin Delanor Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps. The least we can do is get out and enjoy it!

Check out the galleries from out recently adventure.

Hip Hop wordsmiths light up Sluggo's

image:  Hip Hop Monthly at Sluggo'sArtists from the old school and the new now have a forum to showcase their verbal abilities with the start up of Hip Hop Monthly @ Sluggo's.

Check out the gallery from the inaugural night with artist Big Lo, Black Larry, Precise, and more. It was definitely the jam, so make sure you catch the next month's event!


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