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image: TIKI's Z2 basket and mini-horse in the backgroundInvitational @ TIKI Disc Golf Course

Deep in the woods of the sleepy, historic town of Bagdad, Florida lies a hidden treasure known as the TIKI Disc Golf Course. Supplying 18 tee locations to 4 custom-made "Z2" disc catching devices, this course is truly a gem. The relaxing "ba-a-a-a-a" of the goats and the gallery of horses, miniature horses, miniature donkeys, and age-old oaks make this surreal setting a great place to get to know the game of disc golf.

A small group of local disc golfers were invited out to test the waters...and boy was it great. Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at the TIKI Disc Golf Course and how to schedule a round for you and your crew...

Inaugural Iron Man Doubles Grudge Match

image: The first two teams of the IronMan Grudge Series square offWith a newly heightened interest in "best disc" style doubles play, several of the Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club's founding fathers and officers got things started with a 67-hole, three course, one day, doubles grudge match.

While the rookies, Chris "Snappy" Gilmore and Nik McCue, had lower scores at two out of three rounds, the experience and determination of the old pros, Steve Simpson and Mike Sidebottom, proved to be too much to overcome. Both teams had a great time and are proud to kickoff this new event series.

image: Mikey Sidebottom proudly displays BagTag #1ECDGC BagTag #001 Sighting

Seen here in January 2006 with the Emerald Coast's 2005 #001 BagTag, you would think Mikey Sidebottom is the man to beat. Truth be told it was K.C. Heckathorne who rescued it from the jaws of Calvin Vo of Mobile, Alabama just in the nick of time. The tag was won back at this year's New Year's Jubilee at Fairhope, Alabama. The new year is here and thus begins another bag tag year, so if you haven't already gotten your new tag, contact the Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club at

Chistmas Classic @ Blue Angel Park

image: Snappy Gilmore launches a driveUPDATE: The results are in...

The Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club is expecting quite a battle at this year's Blue Angel Christmas Classic. For a club in it's first year of organization, the ECDGC has created some worthy foes to complete in this winter time favorite of Southeast disc golfers. With Jim Orum as TD and Mike Sidebottom as course host this Southern Nationals event has been successful for years, but for the first time in this events history a local club will try to establish their dominance on their own turf.

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