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Currently based in the Southeastern United States, we are a group of athletes of a different kind. We are business people, jobless bums, students, people with money, people without money, your parents and children, your co-workers and neighbors, people of every age and race; in general, we are nameless and faceless enthusiasts. Not activists, enthusiasts...that rely on a certain rock for our happiness and health.

Side Stream Sports (sid strem spôrts) n.

  1. a physical activity that is semi-organized, and follows a general set of rules and etiquette. Typically as part of a more broad, side stream lifestyle.

  2. a sport that requires one or more participants and may, or may not, require additional equipment beyond basic clothing.

  3. any activity that you do that does not fit squarely into a previously designated category of sports.

We, similarly to this website and side stream sports in general, are an ever-evolving group of contributors, visitors, and other enthusiasts. Anyone who wants to contribute or enjoy the contributions of others is encouraged to return regularly and contact us with any questions, ideas, or bits and pieces that you feel may be relevant to the concept known as

Thanks for coming and enjoy the ride!

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